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Budget Backdrops and Decor

We create many different styles and sizes of backdrops to suit each client's individual needs.  We will assist you to choose an appropriate height and length for your venue to ensure you can capture your photographic memories beautifully.

Sizes range from 10-50 feet in length and heights from 6' - 14' tall. We offer different types of lighting to enhance your design.

Soft and Romantic

Choose to either have your front layer of drapery swagged back or allow it to hang straight for a soft, simple look.

Up to 10' high with mini lights $150/10' section

Uplighting can be added for $10 each

(For backdrops in these styles higher than 10' mini lights are not available. Pricing is $175/10' section)

Backdrops with Uplighting

These styles of backdrops use uplighting exclusively.  The styles include Criss Cross, Double Swag, Triple Swag, Quadruple Swag, Center Swag and Half Swag. 

8-10' high is $175/10' section

11-14' high is $200/10' section

Uplights $10 each

Regal Backdrop

Our Regal Backdrop is a very stately design that is truly a show stopper! This backdrop features many layers of fabric with a height of 11-14'. Sizes offered are 18', 24', 30' or 36' in length.

Pricing based on $25/ft.

Chandelier Backdrop‚Äč

This style of backdrop uses 1-3 of our 8 arm chandeliers exclusively. They are held securely within our framework. Sizes available are 10, 20, or 30' in length. Height can be from 9-14'.

Up to 10' high pricing starts at $200, 11' and above starts at $250


We offer 2 styles of pillars. Your choice between white wooden or creamy plaster. $50/pr.


Choice between our White Lattice Arch or our Floral Faux Stone Arch. $100 each.


Selfie Station Items:

 8.5'x10' Photo Frame $30

10'x22' Photo Frame $60

8'x8' Silver Sequin Backdrop $40/10'x10' $75

Champagne Sequin Backdrop 10'x10' $75

Rose Gold Sequin Backdrop $40