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Budget Backdrops and Decor


We offer table cloths in white, ivory and black. Our sizes are:

120" round (to the floor on a 5' table, seats 6)

90x132 rectangle (to the floor on a 6' table)

90x156 BLACK ONLY (used for food tables, 8')


120" is $10

90x132" is $12

90x156" is $15

Curly willow table skirting in white or champagne is also available.


14" length $17

17" length $21

21' length $25





Our satin runners come pressed and ready for your event. Choose your colour from the offerings listed. 

Price $3 each

Chair Cover with Sash Combo

We offer the very best price in town on our spandex chair cover/sash combination! Pick your spandex chair cover colour in white, ivory or black and then your preferred choice of satin sash. 

We also carry a line of polyester, slip on chair covers in white, ivory and black. Please make sure you state what type of chair is at your venue as they are sized differently. We carry an extra large cover for Vimy chair size. Please note - these chair covers will unavoidably wrinkle as they are polyester.

We carry an off white colour of Universal chair covers that will go with either white or ivory decor. These chair covers are especially for St. Lawrence College chair size.

**All colours listed above in runners are available in sash colour as well plus light blue and soft yellow. Sorry, no orange sashes.

Price for spandex  with sash - You install $2.00 each

We install spandex with sash - $4.00 (time allowing)

Price for polyester with sash - $3.25 you install

We install polyester with sash - $4.00 (time allowing)

Price for Universal  (no sash needed) - We install $4.00

Overlay Example


Our overlays are satin. We have a couple of different sizes so be sure to let us know your table size when ordering so we can reserve the appropriate size and shape. 

Price $5 each

We carry:

Black, Royal Blue, Eggplant, Blush, Lavender, Blue Turquoise, Green Turquoise, Silver, Burgundy, Navy and Serenity Blue only.

**Please note - overlays being satin are difficult to transport without wrinkles. We suggest you have a steamer on site for touch ups.


Napkins are 17"x17" polyester.

Price $0.50 each